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also i have a very clear mental image of what bucky has, genitals-wise. he’s either had top surgery or started t when he was young enough that No Tits and he’s got a vagina. and he’s got a dick. it’s, like, a macro-clit and he calls it that for clarity occasionally and doesn’t have a problem with the term but. nah that’s his dick lol

he doesn’t do piv sex either. doesn’t like insertion stuff(unless it’s butt stuff eyyo). bucky is me but a boy w/ a dick(and t[and no tits im jealous])

Idk. Boobs are weird. I want to have like. Itty bitty boobs. I don’t think I’d love having a completely flat chest, I just, I want little ones, a cup or smaller, they’re a hinderance mostly but aesthetically pleasing sort of but. Too big mine are too big wtf whyyyyy

Also I say it jokingly a lot, but, I legitimately want like. Just cut them straight down the middle and remove the nip, I want them to look like tiny little mouths on my chest, it’s a legitimate desire of mine. I don’t think it will ever happen to me, but, I really do want it very much, that’s how I want my chest to be, minimal chest, maximum mouth

Anyway I’m just gonna. Move all sex talk to here, and, also whenever I jerk off to porn I’ll save it here. I like to revisit material. Makes it easier n stuff.

hella sexy way to start off my porn blog yea????? Fuq yea

Wait, shit, that would just be a dick and. Massive Backpedaling. Nvm fuck off w/ all that shit make me a Barbie

Ahhhhhg. agh. agh that things happening again. It’s always lowlevel Happening now but, it’s, happening more suddenly, that thing where I don’t want any genitals or “sex markers” or what the fuck ever. or any sex anything, at all, remove the tits too, just leave the pee hole. Maybe my clit. Idk. Remove all genital. Rude and weird and gross